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The KPSG knopf projektsteuerung gmbh was established 2003. This was caused by the recognition and experience of it’s shareholder/manager, which big problems arise to develop existing real estate but increasingly also new projects according to the requirements of the real estate market to implement the concept recognized.

The decision was caused by the motivation real estate projects deemed as difficult to position according to the market requirements. To achieve this goal KPSG primarily deals with the history of the object and analyzes the problem areas, which were not directly identifiable for the owners. Usually the problems and the so caused negative consequences become visible already in the planning phase. Therefore KPSG retraces the whole history of the object and becomes active where the relevant problems had their origin.

A further experience every builder/developer in the real estate usually has made is the difficulty of implementing of comparable projects with the standards planned, and in particular in the time and with the prices projected. These negation experiences brought about that the company already at an early stage dealt not only with planning but also with developing of real estate projects.

The persecution of this aim was developed in a way that builders and developers increasingly approached the company to participate in the advantages of this project steering. In the meantime the company got very renowned for dealing with difficult projects and their implementation in due time and according to the project aims.

About us
The KPSG knopf projektsteuerung gmbh was founded in 2003. It arose from the realization and experience of the managing director, what great problems it is preparing to develop existing properties and, increasingly, new projects market-conform in order to implement the concept found.